2nd Week at WCB Design Agency – Bangkok Thailand


Started the week with creating posters for Facebook Events page for our upcoming courses at WCB.

Here are two that I made, sorry but I am very new to  Adobe Photoshop! 🙂

  • Web Design Essentials Course Starting 1st of Feb. If you would like to know more about the courses WCB offers then click here.


  • Photography Essentials Course Starting 3rd of Feb. Click here if you would like learn more out the course details.



After completing all the social media task, I finished updating the article  I had been working on and then uploaded it to our website blog page.

Later in the evening continued with the graphic design course. Really enjoying this course with our instructor Sara, who is very knowledgeable.



Tuesday was a great day for me as I to spend some time with John, one of our developer. he showed be the basics about Css and HTML.

It was great to see how the process works, and he gave me some files on a simple website he had worked previously, so I could go through it and see how it work.

Even though I was with him just for an hour it was very informative.  I do know that I need to practice and research on my own to understand more but now I at least know where to start. 🙂

They people at the agency are amazing and welcoming. I still cant believe that I am doing an internship at a web design agency. woahhh..



Started with the article on UI or User Interface Design tools. Golf sent me some files,so that I could understand about what exactly UI is.

I spent the whole morning  pretty much reading article after article on UI Design tools. It is amazing to see how many tools there are but what I realized is that the most popular ones for UI are Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

The picture below is where I spend hours reading articles…not too shabby 🙂


In the evening I continued with the Adobe Photoshop course. Since it was our fourth class, we started doing more complex stuff.  Really enjoying this course!!!



I continued working on my article and started putting all the information together.

Golf showed me how she is designs UI, with Adobe Illustrator with few of her previous works, she also showed me what she is working on right now which is UI design for a food app.

Late i uploaded testimonial videos given by students who had previously completed their Web Design Professional Course to our YouTube . I also created more tags for the videos and applied to previous videos as well. Hopefully the new tags reaches out to more people.

Posted the article 5 SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING STRATEGY FOR 2017: BUSINESSES IN THAILAND on our website and on our Facebook page, would recommenced everyone to read this  very useful article written by  Micheal.


Friday was a busy day at the office everyone was busy and working on their own work, many private classes are happening at the moment.

Had the afternoon lunch together with the whole team, it’s a great thing to see all the team sit and eat together once a week!

Interviewed a guy for an internship position. Unfortunately we could hear what he was saying since it was a Skype interview. So we had to text him. If you are looking for an internship opportunity with WCB then you can read more about it here.

The last class for graphic design was great we got to design a magazine cover. It was very fun and we learned about typography and the hierarchy of text. Next class we will start on Adobe illustrator.



I hope you all had a great weekend as well and would recommend to make the best out of this coming week!! 🙂


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