6th Week at WCB Design Agency – Bangkok, Thailand

Makha Bucha day,  celebrated nine months after the Buddha’s enlightenment…….So Monday was a public holiday in Thailand.giphy

Makha Bucha Day – Thailand


Tuesday and Wednesday were great, us interns got to do a mock up Digital Marketing course with our instructor, Evo. We went through various topics, new trends that are going on.

This has, of course, allowed us to understand digital marketing better, and the more you do your research, the more you understand.

Marketers need to constantly read and keep up with all the changes that take place daily on various online platforms. Google is constantly changing its algorithms and marketers now need to stay tuned if they want to stay competitive.

For instance, Google is starting to move towards a mobile-first environment, meaning marketers now need to adapt to the changes and create content that is suitable not just for the web or social media but also for mobile devices now.

Regardless of all the changes and something is quite obvious, if you want to stay on top of the google rankings then you have to follow its rules and guidelines. use tools such as google webmaster, google keep, google trend. Being able to use these tools will not only allow you to better understand its system but also become more and more familiar with Google’s UX, so you can keep up with its updates.

Thursday and Friday I spent most of my time working on our WCB marketing plan. With a bit little of help from our graphics designer, I made the Facebook banner and events for upcoming courses for next month.



As I have been busy trying to learn and work at the same time, it has really pushed me to work with more confident. I have been watching a lot of videos lately from photoshop tutorials to web developers talks, but I found this talk very amusing and would recommend everyone to watch it, especially if you’ve watched the movie “Jurrasic Park”.



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