7th Week at WCB Design Agency – Bangkok, Thailand

This week went by fairly quick, Tuesday we finished going through the final class of the Digital Marketing Course. I was pretty disappointed that I missed the class on Monday because they covered content marketing. The final class was about publishing editorial calendar and content creating.

Wednesday I worked most of the day finding content and articles to post on our social media platforms. I must say, I am starting to enjoy using Google analytics and Hootsuite.

Hootsuite recently came out with a great slideshow that shows an overview of the global digital behavior by collecting the data from various different organizations. 


Its allot of slides but it’s interesting to see the digital change that’s been going on and to see that more and more applications are moving into mobile devices clearly show that mobile marketing will become more dynamic and competitive in the coming year.

On Thursday our developer, John, was kind enough to sit with me for 10 minutes to help me set up a WordPress without having to get a domain name. It is a perfect way for beginners to practice WordPress straightaway without having to worry about getting domain names and hosting.


Ended the week working with Bill and Carl on organizing the content for our courses for the new website. We used Trello to lay out our plan and the strategy, so starting next week we should be busy working on this and it will be great to work with Bill.


Overall had a good week, starting next week I am going to start reading more about WordPress and how to use it. I want to be able to build a WordPress site soon, so should be interesting! 🙂


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