8th Week at WCB Design Agency – Bangkok, Thailand

On Monday, Bill and I worked on the course outline. Since we are working on the rebranding of the WCB website, we are creating new content for the courses as well. The motive was not only to better our website, but to also better our courses.

As well as that, we are also introducing new courses catered towards programming. Topics such as PHP Essentials, Ruby on Rails, GIt, Javascript / Jquery and Angular are being introduced. These courses will definitely attract new customers who want to get more into programming.

Our main task was to create content for the new and previous courses. So we googled similar courses that are being offered around the world, whether it be online or on campus, we then did some research and found out what’s popular right now.

Our second strategy to find competitive industry standard courses were to find out, what skills and recruitment companies wanted from a potential candidate.

And lastly, our third strategy was to talk and gather information from our own expert instructors.

After doing all the necessary research we went on and created a rough course outline on Google Docs.  


In addition to that, we also created Instructor profiles and response emails that students will receive upon requesting for a syllabus.

A very important aspect of web design that people tend to not pay much attention to is that if your website generates money, then you need to plan your content and your UX UI designs accordingly. People want to be given the correct information and it should be an easy process to access it.

I also registered onto the Google AdWords and Analytics program. I have only had the chance to finish 2 chapters on Analytics. So I have a lot to do before I finish but its a great course that is free and you will receive a certificate at the end. The important part besides the certificate is that you will learn a lot about how to use these tools to build your presence on Google, as well as learn about how data and analytics can be powerful tools, when used together.

Besides working on the content, I got some time to research and play around with some online applications. Below are some of the posters I made in Canva, I know it’s not that great because it was my first time using canva. I must say this is a very cool tool that marketers should use whether it is for social media post or even flyers or brochures. It’s a very easy-to-use the tool and will save you a lot of time. If you do not have the time to take courses on adobe illustrator or photoshop then I suggest you start with Canva.



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